Heat/Water Proofing & Insulation’s


ZOK extends its radius simultaneously focusing its direction to insulation. ZOK is able to provide a guarantee of Heat Proofing and Water Proofing. We are serving not only household but Industrial clients. Our highly researched multiple layer coatings perform various functions. If you believe in quality then let our professional do the work for you.

Leakage might corrode the metal reinforcement within the concrete itself. Moreover, leakage might destroy furniture, expensive floorings, and might create a foul smell within your household. All these damages might add up to tens of thousands; therefore call us as soon as you spot a leakage in your house.

Dominant weather of Pakistan is very hot with unpredictable rains. Unfortunately most of the residential houses have not been constructed by taking weather into consideration during construction that’s why most of our houses are absorb sun heat too much directly and remain hot and warm making life very tough of their residents. ZOK utilizes a very especial and highly researched technique for the treatment of Roof heat and water proofing together. This highly effective technique is a unique treatment for your roofs. No need of separate treatment of Heat Proofing and water proofing. No Need to pay separate cost of each. If you are having both the problem then it is ideal for you to apply our technique for treatment of roof to get rid of both heat proofing & water proofing simultaneously at very low cost which is unbelievable. Drying time 24hrs, easy walking on roof, No Toxic effect.