Curtain Wall & Double Glazed Work

Curtain Wall & Double Glazed Work

ZOK Services Specialized in Architectural Aluminum Works, Glazed Structural Works, Glass Works, Cladding, Skylight, Canopies and Handrail Works.

Our Major Services

Complete customized and integrated solutions for all types of aluminum, glazed structural works, cladding, skylights, canopies and handrail works.

  •  Architectural Aluminum & Glass Decoration Works
  •  Structural Design & Detailing
  •  Estimation and Quantity Take-Off
  •  Shop Fabrication and Erection Drawings
  • Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance

Our Products Range

  1. Curtain Walls – Stick Type
  2. Structural Glazing
  3.  Doors
  4. Windows
  5. Partitions
  6. Spider System Facades
  7. Frame-less Structures
  8. Skylight & Canopies
  9. Wall and Column Cladding with Aluminum Composite Panels
  10. Stair Handrails, Balcony rails and Balustrades
  11. Decorative Metal Works